“POEM” helps define what Douglas Communications Group does

I’ve followed Kevin Dugin’s PR and marketing blogs for several years.  His Bad Pitch blog has published examples of some really shameless, ham-handed pitches, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic.  The following comes from his Strategic Public Relations blog.

“One trend that’s taking place as you read this, one with big implications for brands in 2011, is media convergence.

“Digital technology is dissolving the silos used to organize media types and media channels. Paid, owned and earned media (POEM) are blending together across channels that are much more fluid and flexible than ever before – once again due to digital technology.”

I like the POEM acronym:

Paid:  Advertising, direct mail, search engine marketing

Owned: Your own websites and blogs, trade show booths, Youtube

Earned:  News coverage, by traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV) and new media (independent blogs, bookmarking sites, Youtube).

It really defines the strengths of Douglas Communications Group, where we concentrate on owned and earned media.  We sometimes handle smaller purchased media projects for our clients, but refer larger projects to one of our partner agencies.

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