Road trip electronics

When Douglas Communications Group and Ken Hebenstreit, Bookseller go on a road trip, we are wired.  Here’s a list of our electronic helpers:

  • Two laptop computers
  • Smart phone, with 12-volt and 110-volt chargers
  • 35mm camera
  • Flip video recorder
  • A 12-volt to 110 converter, to use computers in the car
  • A converter to plug the smart phone into the car’s cassette player, so we can stream audio and play MP3s through the vehicle sound system, and
  • The piece de resistance:  A Mifi card.

I’ve wanted to try Mifi ever since I learned about it, and boy, is it dandy.  Just turned it on and both our computers immediately found the wireless network.  It worked in the car, so we could stream Pandora radio even when we didn’t have 3G coverage.  It’s faster than the hotel network.  3/6/10

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