Embrace your stupidity, part II

Knowing a lot can be a barrier to being an effective leader.

I often write about my involvement in community theater.  At Stagecrafters, I’m the chair of the Builder’s Guild, which is the group of guys – and I mean guys – who build our sets.  Now, I know jack about building sets. That means that, whenever we need to decide how to do something, or what to do, or when, I have to get the guys involved.  I have to draw out their opinions and knowledge and listen until they reach consensus.  I completely need their help to get things done and – know what? – they want to help!  New volunteers have taken on new responsibilities, while the long-timers, given a reprieve from having to build every set, are sharing their knowledge with the newcomers and solving some of our long-standing problems.

And that’s all because I had to embrace my stupidity and ask others for help.

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