Make your e-newsletter put in some overtime

Once you’ve written something that is valuable to your audience, don’t you want that content to be findable and indefinitely available?  Wouldn’t you like to track the results?  If you do, then don’t rely on an e-newsletter.  Put it on the Web – ideally in a blog — and use your e-newsletter to drive people to it.   (Are you reading this because you clicked on a link in MY e-newsletter?  Whoops, you caught me.  Or did I catch you?)

Below you’ll find the 10 questions you must answer for your e-newsletter to succeed, from my recent presentation to the Michigan Economic Developers Association.

If you’re a business owner feeling a little unappreciated or misunderstood, I can help you combine e-mail and the Web to demonstrate your value. If you’re an association executive whose members are likely to use e-newsletters in their marketing mix, contact me to offer this seminar at your next conference.

Successful e-newsletters answer these 10 questions

  1. Why do you want to publish an e-newsletter?
  2. Who cares?
  3. How often?
  4. How will it be created?
  5. How will it be delivered?
  6. How will you build readership?
  7. Who will write it?
  8. Who will produce it?
  9. Where will you get images and who will process them?
  10. How will you know it’s working?

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