There are five parts to a website, each of which should be handled by a specialist

I’ve seen businesses of all sizes wave their hand at a supplier and say, “Build me a website,”  without ever examining the credentials of the people who will handle each step in the process.

  1. Planning and writing.  We’re really, really good at this because we let you think about you and we think about the people who are going to use your site.   Quoting Fats Waller: “Find out what they like and how they like it, and let ‘em have it just that way.”
  2. Site construction, or coding.  If you want to be able to update your site easily (and everybody should, because Google likes fresh content), we recommend you deal with a builder who works with content management systems (CMS).  And, while graphic designers often can write good code, site builders are rarely as good an artist as they think. So …
  3. Hire a professional graphic designer.  There is both science and art behind the selection of colors, fonts, objects and images, and the way people’s eyes move when reading a Web page.   Kids, don’t try this at home.
  4. Hosting.  Don’t overpay. You can get excellent hosting for less than $5 a month.  Here’s a list of top providers.  We use Bluehost, coming in at #8 on the list.  Your site builder can set up your hosting.  Make sure he/she gives you all the information and passwords for your site hosting and domain hosting (which may be two different things).
  5. Search engine optimization.  If you’re competing in the e-commerce arena, you’ll need this service.  If your site is informational, and if it contains a lot of words that are relevant to your business (and why wouldn’t it?), Google is going to find you soon enough.  If it doesn’t,  see #1 on this list.

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