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Sharing Android apps makes me feel a little bit like being invited to enter that clubhouse with the sign on the door that says “No gurlz alowed.”  It seems like that platform appeals more to guys – or maybe it’s just the gee-whiz sharing of apps (Angry Birds, anyone?) that is so connected to the “Y” chromosome.

This summer I’ll coordinate the first-ever app swap meet at the Michigan Society of Association Executive’s Orgpro conference at Shanty Creek Resort.  It’s a crowdsourcing session.  In the first part, attendees will share their favorite PC and Internet software.  In the second part, Android, Apple and Blackberry smart phone users will cluster to share their favorite phone applications.

So now I’ll do a little crowdsourcing right here.  Comment on this article to share the technology tools that make your life easier, more productive or more fun.

In exchange, here’s a link to Kim Komando’s favorite phone apps.

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  1. Rob



    You are such a girl geek! For what it’s worth, I like Bloomberg for stock info, Linkedin (more than others) for networking, Kayak for travel, Ping Lite for network troubleshooting and Netflix for catching a movie during a slow meeting.

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