Cabaret Detroit logo created in an online competition

I’ve written in the past about crowdsourcing graphic design.  I did just that when I needed a logo for Cabaret Detroit, my new music performance endeavor.

I started with Logo Tournament and was disappointed with the results.  I only received 15 entries.  Happily, they will refund your money if you get fewer than 40 entries.

I had much better luck with  I bid $200 and received 199 entries from all over the world.  You can view them here.  Once the contest was over, I was able to fine tune the winning design before paying.  The winner sent me the final entry in several formats, including Adobe Photoshop, so I could pull out the layers I wanted for different uses.


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    i find it disturbing that a local firm would not support local graphic designers, particularly for a local client.
    crowdsourcing devalues the work of professional designers.

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