Capitalization. Again.

Here’s some home page copy from a corporate website:

At (name of company) we believe that our Clients’ desires must be met by using the latest design trends and elements available , while focusing to maximize the Real Estate value. Second, Strategic Planning: We’ll Exceed your expectations by providing Value Added technical expertise to your project, and ensure turning your Vision into Reality.

“The purpose of capitalization is to convey more information than could be conveyed if one did not use capitalization. Capitalization probably causes more agony than any other element of style. People tend to over-capitalize. If one has never encountered the word ‘paleontologist,’ the tendency may be to treat it as a proper noun. A similar mistake is to capitalize words that merely look or seem important.” So says this wonderfully clear University of California style guide.

(Today, while editing a document for my husband, I told him to capitalize the “i” in Internet and he said, “I’m afraid to capitalize anything with you around.”)

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