Even if a crisis doesn’t kill your business, the way you communicate about it can

In a perhaps apocryphal story, a public relations practitioner taking the professional accreditation exam encountered an essay question, in which a hypothetical corporation faced accusations of tainted products.  “What should the company do?” the exam asked.

“Implement their crisis communications plan,” the test taker replied, and moved on to the next question.

Even small businesses should envision a worst-case scenario and spend some time thinking about how they’d cope.  Here’s some good general advice.

Of course we at Douglas Communications Group can help you develop that crisis plan.  We’ll challenge your assumptions, evaluate your staff’s ability to cope and anticipate sources of bad publicity and editorial support.  We can teach you or your managers how to be an effective spokesperson.  (Remember BP President Tony Hayward saying “I just want my life back”?  Oops, I mean the former BP president.)

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