Do you know how to market to the LGBT community?

LGBT means lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender.  Pridesource Media Group helps businesses reach this desirable market through its weekly, free magazine, Between The Lines, and its website,

Douglas Communications Group is providing public relations services for Pridesource Media Group’s Same Sex Wedding Expo May 1 at the Detroit Marriott-Livonia.

According to Harris Interactive, LGBT consumers comprise a $743 billion national market.   Here’s what Pride Source publisher Jan Stevenson has to say on the subject:

  • Marketing to LGBT consumers makes good business sense. The readers of BTL are consisted found to have higher than average levels of disposable income, education, and customer loyalty to the businesses that market directly to them.
  • The LGBT market is a savvy one. They are sensitive to how advertisers position themselves, and whether they are willing to commit to the market, or if they are just “fishing” for a quick buck. Advertisers that demonstrate consistency have reaped benefits that far exceed their advertising investment.
  • LGBT sensitive messages are important. Terminology and humor can help or hurt a campaign. It is important to work with marketing professionals that understand the nuances of the LGBT market to insure that your marketing campaign is culturally sensitive.

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