Enough with the quote marks already!

The other day, Shelly Kemp, executive director of the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce, railed in general at young people covered with tattoos and, more specifically, at a young woman who had “Allen” tattooed on her arm. To be clear: His name had quote marks around it.

“What does that mean?” Shelly demanded. “Does she name all her boyfriends Allen? Is he in witness protection?”

I was still chuckling when I read this PR Daily post by Michael Sebastian on the proper use of quote marks. Then I kept laughing when he referred me to the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks edited by Bethany Keeley.

Keeley said, “My advice to people in terms of punctuation and diction is to think, ‘Do I actually need this, or am I throwing more things on the page?’”

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