Getting focused is not an excuse for lack of activity

by Erik Meier

Becoming focused on what you need to do to accomplish your sales goals seems like an appropriate thing to do.  Homing in on exactly what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done might be considered an essential element for developing an effective plan.  And it is… until “getting focused” becomes an activity onto its own.

Too much research and planning can be worse then no research and planning.

How can that be?

If you performed no research, had no plan, had no strategy, but instead, just pulled up your prospect database and started making phone calls… or went out and started “knocking on doors”, at least you’d be doing something.  Some people would talk to you, some wouldn’t.  Some people would have meaningful conversation with you, others would dismiss you quickly.  Some people would qualify as prospects, some wouldn’t.  And, some people, not prospects themselves, would point you in the direction of others who may be.

Even though your activity would not be based on or directed by a well thought out plan, it would ACTIVITY.  And, results come from “doing”, not “thinking” about what to do.  So, invest a sensible amount of time to do the research, target your prospects, develop your plan — then ACT!

Erik is the CEO of the EAM Consulting Group in Troy.   He trains, coaches and consults as an authorized licensee of Sandler Training,  a world leader in innovative sales and sales management training.

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