How to get your money’s worth from a graphic designer

If I had a nickel for every client and prospective client who went into sticker shock over the cost of graphic design, I’d retire and just spend my time writing this blog.

In a free market economy, things that are rare are expensive. Good designers have innate artistic talent, professional training and experience plus the ability to understand their clients and give them not just what they think they need but what they didn’t even realize was possible and brilliantly appropriate.

Adagio Graphics is a frequent partner for us at Douglas Communications Group. They’ve written this excellent guide to using a graphic designer. Note these important tips:

  • Know yourself
  • Let us be free
  • Twice is not nice. Revisions that seem simple to you may be time-consuming (= expensive) to change in the graphic design software, thus the following:
  • Organization = money

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