I am curious (digital)

On this site and elsewhere I have recommended a blog/enewsletter combination as a good marketing tool for businesses that sell expertise; sell products that are enhanced by knowledge, or have prospects who aren’t necessarily going to make an immediate purchase.

All these businesses benefit when they share information; that is, share enough information to demonstrate their knowledge and provide some real value to the reader but, of course, not enough to give away the store.

To succeed, though, someone has to want to write, to share information, to engage in a dialog with the readers.  The question I ask my clients is this: Are you curious?  Do you read your industry’s publications?  Do you read a daily newspaper or a general business magazine?

Better yet, this article offers 20 questions you should answer before you initiate a blog.  Here are three good ones:

  •  What are your objectives?
  • How will you link it to social media?
  • How will you know it’s working?

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