Improve your social media profile in 30 days

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list of 30 tasks to “improve” your social media profile (and smartphone use).  I did three of them and am positively giddy with self-congratulation. Here are my accomplishments:

Day 8: Start segmenting your Facebook friends. This series was published in 2010, so some of it is a bit outdated; however this piece of advice presages Facebook’s recent grouping improvements and the advent of Google Groups. I do want to connect with clients and journalists who are my friends on Facebook but I don’t want them to know everything. There are updates I only share with the theatrical community. Only my women friends would be interested in that new mascara (OK, some of the men, too. You know who you are.)

Day 10: Lock your phone already. I didn’t even need a separate app on my Android phone. Go to home screen/menu/settings/security/change screen lock. A refinement: Clean your screen regularly, because the swipe path is a visible smudged line.

Day 23: Switch to Firefox or Chrome. Firefox offers supreme customizability. Chrome is clean and fast: Type a URL into the address bar and it’ll take you there or enter words or a phrase and it will initiate a Google search.

Here’s my additional tip, for Android users: Move as many of your applications as possible onto the SD card. Go to home screen/settings/applications/manage applications (be sure you click “all” at the top of the screen). When you click on each app, you may see a button that says “Move to SD card.” If you don’t see that option, it’s because that app must run in the phone’s memory.

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