A new website with a competitive strategy

Here’s one of our latest projects:  A new Web site and e-newsletter for Ken Hebenstreit, Bookseller. We chose the developer because they are specialists in online bookstores.  They have a superior back end, but their design parameters were limited.  Still, we used it to serve our underlying marketing strategy.

Among book sellers, with stores and on the Web, even those named for their founder never feature that person.  That’s natural.  They want to expand and need to be able to delegate to others. We wanted to differentiate Ken from the rest.  In his narrow niche, he will always be a solo act.

Our strategy then was to give the site Ken’s personality, using his photo and writing in a breezy, first-person style. Ken’s product line, first edition fiction, is highly specialized and technical.  People spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a book.  They have to trust him.

Photographer Robert Stewart took beautifully-lit photos of Ken and his books.  Designer Nancy Cohen took her inspiration from Ken’s lavender shirt to create a colorful palette with purple, orange and green.  (OK, it looks a little like Fed Ex, but only if you think about it.)

We revised Ken’s Constant Contact e-newsletter to match and created new business cards and new signage and sports shirts for book fairs.  2/26/10

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