Go get yourself an expensive Web site

Early in my career, printed collateral materials ruled.  Big budget projects were full bleed, four color.  We’d agonize over the design, the paper, the copy.  We’d strategize audiences to create materials that spoke to many, or splurge on different versions for difference audiences.  We’d dole them out via mail and at events.  Clients gasped at the cost, but paid it because it was the only way.

Today, any business can have a communications tool that is colorful, infinitely flexible and accessible 24/7.  It speaks to every audience simultaneously.  It is interactive.  And still people flinch when they find out what it costs to create a good Web site.

Maybe because other digital marketing tools, like e-newsletters, are free, we think our Web sites should be cheap.  Indeed, they can be.  But truly – truly – you get what you pay for.

Good Web sites are expensive, but think about it: They are the most important thing in your marketing program.  They centralize your image like nothing else in the past, ever.  So don’t give it to your brother in law, who’ll do it “free.”  As I said last month:  “If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” 2/26/10

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