Nobody will tell you your website sucks

Does your website contain incorrect capitalization or punctuation, misspellings, unclear ideas, cliches or bad grammar? “Of course not!” you reply indignantly. Nobody would deliberately put mistakes out there for the world (this the WORLD Wide Web) to see, right?  Then why do I see so much of it?

Think of the people who visit your site: Current and prospective customers, potential investors, vendors, bankers, reporters, job candidates.  Are they going to tell you your website sucks?  Probably not. They’ll just silently draw their own conclusions.  Maybe they’ll go to another seller.  Maybe they’ll make a low-ball offer, assuming your product is cheap because your website looks cheap or ignorant.

And don’t rationalize by telling me that your site isn’t any different from that of your competitor. Do you really want to be in a race to the bottom?

Websites use a different style of writing than you find in print, but they still demand the same journalistic style as any other publication.

We excel at writing copy that matches the short attention span of website users and meets the high standards of daily newspaper editors and Helen Bitner (my 10th grade English teacher).

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