Thanks for attending the App Swap at Orgpro.  Here are links to some of the sites and phone apps we discussed.


Road warriors




Life and fun

Useful sources of information


Phone apps

  • When I turn off the ringer on my phone, I often forget to turn it back on again.  Shush will turn it on after a specified period of time
  • What happens if your phone is lost or stolen?  With Wave secure you can shut it off, wipe out all the data or, if it has GPS, locate it.  Lookout performs similarly.
  • I’m not quite ready to store my music on the Cloud, or to use up broadband listening.  I store my music on my desktop and sync it with my smartphone using Doubletwist.
  • Listen to 50,000 radio stations free with Tune in radio
  • The standard Android calendar doesn’t have a traditional calendar view.  That’s why I use Jorte instead.
  • Amazon Kindle – Not quite sure how this happened but, in all my school years, I never read any Russian literature.  I’m rectifying that by reading Anna Karenina.  Using the Amazon Kindle app.  It is surprisingly easy to use.  (And who knew that Anna Karenina is just a big old soap opera?)
  • There are several apps that turn your camera’s flash LED into a flashlight
  • Golfers:  While it doesn’t beat a full-featured golf GPS device, the free Skydroid app gives accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green


Thanks to the participants in the Orgpro App Swap for these ideas:

  •  Tired of all those little plastic key fobs?  Scan your affinity cards with Cardstar.  (You’ll need trial and error to find out which store scanners can scan the bar code right off your phone).
  • Searching for a house or an apartment?  Trulia is a good source of information.  (Zillow is another. )
  • Cardio Trainer tracks your running, walking and biking results and nags you to get going.
  • What’s that song they’re playing?  Record it with Shazam and you can identify, buy and share it.

One of the attendees mentioned an “Spartan Net” app that assembles news of all things related to MSU sports.  I couldn’t find it in a Google search.  If you’re reading this, please send me a link!


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