So … how’d that public hearing work out?

If your business takes you before public bodies – planning commissions, city councils, boards of zoning appeals – you know that you may only have one chance to get it right. Even if the commission gives you a chance to resubmit, new designs cost money and bankers get skittish.


The time to win approval for your proposal is before the meeting.  Call us at 248-548-5460 to find out how a public relations campaign can help you succeed. 


As a planning commissioner, Douglas Communications Group CEO Sharlan Douglas sees many proposals.
“I am amazed at how many applicants don’t answer all the questions or tell how their application meets the conditions required for approval.” And, while every special land use or site plan has to be consistent with the master plan and comply with ordinances, decision makers often have leeway to respond to individual circumstances and conditions. Douglas Communications Group has the full range of tools to give your proposals the best chance of success — in any city except Royal Oak.

Community relations – Going door to door or holding a meeting with the neighbors can be uncomfortable.  No one enjoys angry face-to-face confrontations.  We help you maintain a positive atmosphere for those conversations and to resolve concerns and objections off camera.

Key messages – Your proposal may be complicated but the way you tell the story has to be clear and simple and repeated consistently.  We anticipate objections and distill your case into its fundamental assertions.  We can train and coach you and your team to keep you on message.

Media relations – It may not be possible or appropriate for you to lobby commission and board members before a meeting, but they do read the local papers.

Presentations and support materials – Don’t sabotage your case with poor and ineffective images.  Pictures tell powerful stories.  We help you choose the visuals and fine-tune your remarks. We’ll practice with you until it’s perfect.

For more information about how we can prepare you for success in the arena of public opinion, phone 248-548-5460, sdouglas at or use this form to request an appointment.



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