Of all our specialties here at the Douglas Communications Group, economic development is the one that most draws on our ability to help our clients build consensus among diverse and sometimes divisive groups.

If you’re a real estate developer with an innovative project, you face multiple challenges.  You need to assemble land, obtain short- and long-term financing, gain local approval, and find tenants — often simultaneously!  We can help with the latter two tasks.  We understand the timetables, processes and vocabularies of community and neighborhood groups and elected bodies, and we create compelling public relations campaigns.

Perhaps you’re a nonprofit community development organization, consumed by acquiring properties, attracting conscientious developers and serving the people who will move into those developments or the businesses that will set up shop there.  We can help you tell the story of your success.

Most large cities, county governments, state agencies and major economic development organizations have public relations departments, but what do you do in a crunch?   We speak the language and know the players, and can quickly gear up to supplement your staff on special public relations projects, major events and grants that need a quick turnaround.


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