Three word taglines are SO over

When I decided to write an article about how I don’t like those three word taglines I figured I’d be better off if I buttressed my opinion with those of others so I did a Google search for “three word tagline.”  Well.  I seem to have touched a nerve here.

April Dunford at Rocket Watcher says they often do not say why your company is different from (better than) the others. “Your competitors can probably claim to be just as ‘innovative’ or ‘advanced’ as you are,” she said.  Most such taglines just come off as bragging, Dunford said.

“Simplistic. Awkward. Ineffective,” says Tate Linden at Associations Now.  So many people use this marketing device that the words have lost their meaning.  Several other bloggers also linked to Linden’s content.

And then I found this satire by, which is so dead-on that, for a moment, I thought they were serious.  Most of the links on the final page of this 1999 site are broken and the first one is now a porn site, but “The Buzz Saw” and “Web economy bullshit generator” are funny.


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