It’s time to stop blaming the economy for a lack of business

You’ve changed, you’ve cut back and you’ve survived.  Maybe you’ve even  grown stronger through adversity. Some competitors have fallen by the way, but guess what? You’ll find the other survivors competing for what’s left of yor market.  So how are you going to beat them?

You can’t just wait to grow along with the economy. If you’re ever canoed on a river, you know that you can only steer if you’re going faster than the current.  You can only outrace your competitors by paddling faster.

You’ve innovated to stay afloat;  now you must innovate in your marketing.  Invest in new initiatives that will differentiate yourself from your competitors and go after them while they’re still drifting with the current.

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    Strong sentiments regarding the blaming of the economy!
    I applaud your insight! It is all about innovative marketing.
    Too many businesses/clients put up a “space saver” website (five years ago!) and haven’t done diddly with it! Then they complain they haven’t seen it work for them! Duhhhh!
    Your site has the capability of “leveling the playing field” for a business of any size– it’s now networlding… Your site is now your broadcast facility! Stop thinking: & start thinking YourSite-TV!!

    Best wishes!

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      Hello Mick,

      Its always easier to blame someone/something for your individual problems though there are times when there are events that are our of your control that can directly affect you.

      I have always believed that persistence is antidote to adversity. We are now, finally, through the worst economic storm in over seventy year and its time to pick up the pace. We are a smarter and more experienced region now than we were just a few years ago so we already know what will not work in our favor in terms of economic success.

      Finally, I used to go canoeing until a fateful journey up the Au Sable rive with my then new wife. Alas, we wound up in the river and have not gone canoeing since.

      Have a great day!

      Peter Watt
      Cavalier Pictures
      Ph 313-359-2900 xt 23
      Cell 313-590-0153

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