Use Reddit (cautiously) to share your expertise

President Obama conducting an interview on Reddit

According to this article in the September 2 New York Times, Reddit is rapidly eclipsing aggregating sites like Digg. Reddit offers the opportunity to share your knowledge or experience with others in three ways:

  •  AMA – Ask me anything
  • IAmA – I am a
  • AMAA – Ask me almost anything.

On August 30, President Obama conducted this AMA conversation on Reddit.

Some recent IAmA conversations were with  a network TV camera operator,  a funeral director, and a divorce attorney.

Think of the IAmA process as a way to demonstrate your or your organization’s expertise. Bear in mind that, as the Times said, “The community is chiefly young, male and extremely wired. It can be a casually misogynistic place, and the site has all the retro graphic appeal of Craigslist, which is to say, not much.”

If you are going to conduct an AMA or IAmA, you must be prepared and willing to answer ANY question honestly. One of the questions for the President was, “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” The funeral director was asked, “Do you pluck your eyebrows?”

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