We’ve created two new client websites

The City of Sylvan Lake engaged us because they wanted to market their beautiful new community center to users outside its own community. The site’s color scheme represents the sky, lake, shore and lawn. We took photos that showed the lake, which is the center’s unique feature. We wrote “Imagine your event here” to appeal to party planners looking for a blank slate where they can achieve their vision.

Catherine’s Pet Parlor in Royal Oak trims our cockapoo, Peach. (We wrote earlier on the blog about her customer service.) Owner Catherine Wallace has all the business she can handle, and doesn’t really need a website for marketing. She does, however, need it for defensive purposes. If your website isn’t on the first page when people search for your company name, they will instead see what others are saying about you in places like Yelp. Maybe it’s all good. Maybe not. You can maintain a simple website for less than $100 a year and control your place in the search engines. Next steps: A Facebook page and materials to encourage clients to post pictures of their pets.

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