What to do about my to-do lists?

I’ve tried over the years to use Outlook to manage my tasks, but never successfully.  I want to be able to organize my tasks by due date, priority and/or client.  I don’t really need to be able to share them with others.  Recently I decided to switch to an independent, web-based task manager.  I started with Wunderlist but it didn’t let me alphabetize by category and the screen display was fussy.  In his entertaining and useful presentation at the 2011 Orgpro conference, Sterling Raphael of Avectra mentioned Remember the Milk and I’m sold.  The display is clean, it lets me categorize and tag tasks and share them if I want.  While, for now, I continue to use Outlook’s calendar and email client, I could integrate Remember the Milk with Google, if I so choose.

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